Valley View Fire Department hopes to raise $55,000 for new truck

Valley View Fire Department hopes to raise $55,000 for new truck

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Valley View Fire Department hopes to raise about $55,000 to replace one of their fire trucks from 1973.Division Chief Jeremy White said this truck has had a lot of issues, the more prominent being a broken pump.

The water already in the truck can't be used to put out a fire.

Even though this truck is not working properly, White said the community has nothing to worry about.

He said the department is still able to do their job with the one truck they do have.

They plan to start raising the $55,000 soon but need help from the community to meet their goal.

"We're about to start doing fundraisers," White said. "We're trying to schedule a community day for out here. We're just trying to get community involvement. A lot of people don't know that we are here and we need funds. They think of us as a paid department, that we get our trucks through city funds and stuff like that."

White said their money comes from taxes and grants instead of from the city.

He hopes with the new equipment, the ISO rating for the area will get better.

This rating determines the amount of taxes residents in the area have to pay.

White said if they can improve their ISO, it will help the community save some money.

If you would like to donate money you can contact Jeremy White at 870-530-4000.

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