Jonesboro woman attacks mom over Mother's Day gift

Jonesboro woman attacks mom over Mother's Day gift

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A fight between a Jonesboro woman and her mom over a Mother's Day gift sent one to the hospital and the other to jail Saturday night.

When a Jonesboro police officer responded to a domestic disturbance on State Street around 9 p.m., two naked women were fighting each other outside of an apartment.

According to the police report, Barbara Bailey and her ex-boyfriend hit her mother in the head with pots and alcohol bottles and also punched and kicked her for several minutes.

Bailey then demanded her mother to take off the Mother's Day clothes she bought her. Bailey's mother complied and tried to leave the apartment, but her daughter chased her outside.

The report states that is when police arrived at the scene and observed blood in almost every room of the apartment.

Bailey's mother was taken to St. Bernards Medical Center to be treated for a bad cut above her eye.

Police arrested Bailey for third degree domestic battery. The report never stated why she was also naked, but it did mention alcohol could have been involved.

Bailey will appear in court Monday.

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