Trumann students spread positivity through spirit and prayer

Trumann students spread positivity through spirit and prayer
Source: Camille Rutherford
Source: Camille Rutherford

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 students are trying to fight the stereotype others have placed on their school.

Last week, a video made its rounds on social media showing a brawl at Trumann High School.

A group of students wants Region 8 to know, that's not how Trumann students behave.

The Trumann High School Cheerleading Squad said it's their job to keep the hallways filled with positivity.

They shared a photo showing the squad coming together in prayer at cheerleading camp.

Savannah Morgan and Ashton Parker have cheered for 5 years and said they all try to lead the school in a positive direction.

While they didn't want to discuss the fight that happened, each said they see it as their responsibility to keep up morale no matter what happens in the hallways.

"I feel like we should be positive influences on our student body," Morgan said.

"And we also just combine with the school," Parker said. "We like to help. We don't just like to be in a little clique. We like to be with everyone."

Parker said being on the squad puts them in leadership roles and they know the importance of setting a good example.

Morgan and Parker said the squad helps to lead moments of prayer at football and basketball games, along with bringing the school together as a unit.

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