Dead son's class ring returned to mom on Mother's Day

Dead son's class ring returned to mom on Mother's Day

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - A missing family heirloom returned home after 30 year gives a Region 8 mom the best Mother's Day.

"It's home and that's where it's going to stay," Brenda Sparks said.

Sparks said she felt her heart stop when she got the call her son's class ring had been found.

"How do you know," Sparks said. "And she said well it's got his initials in it."

Sparks didn't even realize the ring had been missing for 30 years, but now it's home.

"It's like having a part of him back," Sparks said. "I want to pick up the phone several times and want to call him, but I know that I can't."

Sparks' son Donald died in December after losing the fight to a liver disease.

From what she understands, the ring may have been lost in a tornado in Hickory Ridge and was put in a jewelry box after being found.

Sparks said it's been sitting in that jewelry box, hiding, for years.

"But I want to thank them that they had respect enough that they turned it back over to the school to find out who it did belong to," Sparks said.

They returned it to Harrisburg High School, where Donald graduated and was voted Best Physique and Annual King in the year 1985.

The high school secretary told Sparks they checked for any Donald's that graduated that year. There were only 2, and after checking the initials, they knew it was Donald Ray Neal.

Sparks said the first Mother's Day without her son was painful.

"I missed his phone call on Mother's Day telling me he loved me," Sparks said.

But she picked up the ring on Monday and insists it's a sign from above.

"To me, I feel like it was something he is trying to say because after 30 years why show up now," Sparks said.

Giving a grieving mother something to hold on to.

"It's the best Mother's Day anyone could ever have," Sparks said. "I'll cherish it until the day I die."

Sparks said she hopes she gets to meet the lady who returned the ring so she can hug her and thank her for giving her a piece of her son back.

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