Technology adding jobs to agriculture business

Technology adding jobs to agriculture business

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Farming is starting to change around Region 8 with more computers being used in the industry every year.

The United States Department of Agriculture recently released a report that stated with technology growing in the industry there will be growing job opportunities.

Many of the job opportunities will come in areas that require more math and science backgrounds from people with bachelor degrees or higher, according to the report.

The Craighead County Extension Agent with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Branon Thiesse said he isn't surprised by what the report had to say.

"You have to have people that know how to work on the equipment, and can understand and can take the data, put it into a computer program, and be able to give it to the producer in the farm that they can understand," Thiesse said.

The report said there will nearly be 58,000 jobs annually, and with the jobs that are opening 27% lie within the Science and Engineering field and 46% lie within the management and business field.

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