'Peach of a deal' still providing valuable health care in Region 8

'Peach of a deal' still providing valuable health care in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The annual Peach Drive to benefit the Jonesboro Church Health Center is underway.

Deaundra Waddell is one of the organizers for this year's event and said despite the enrollment in the Affordable Care Act, people are still seeking health care.

"People still need free health care, even though laws have changed-- there's still a need," Waddell said. "They may be in transition. Something may have happened to them, or they are trying to provide and they just don't have enough to even get the health care that they need. So we are able to provide that for them."

Two registered nurses, many volunteer doctors and dentists see over 5,000 patients a year at the Jonesboro Church Health Center on Kitchen Street.

The JCHC began serving patients 23 years ago and was the vision of the late Flo Jones, the late Dr. Weldon Rainwater and Dr. Emil Williams. "Through the peach drive, we fund the clinic," Waddell said. "The peaches are growing right now and we need to know how many to order from Georgia.  We actually truck them in."

A $125 donation to JCHC funds medical care and allows for the delivery of a box of Georgia peaches.

To order, call the center at 870-935-2871.

You can also text your order to 870-219-5251 or email to: charlott@jonescpa.com.

All proceeds from the fundraiser go to the center, which is a Christian ministry of healing, help and hope.

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