Companies work to minimize mosquito population

Companies work to minimize mosquito population

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some of the buzzing you may be hearing now won't always be from mosquitoes, it will come from machines spraying mosquito killer.

Companies have started going out around Region 8 to spray and try to minimize the size of the mosquito population.

Davey Webb with Mosquito Joe said they have been out spraying at a lot of areas, but they have seen more mosquito activity south of the bypass in Jonesboro.

"Overhangs, heavy foliage yards, shaded areas, places that always have standing water are some of the more common places to find mosquitoes," Webb said.

Webb said it only takes a small area for mosquitoes to multiply and it is important to also keep the grass cut back so they won't have anywhere to cool off during the heat of the day.

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