A Better Region 8: Share your hometown!

A Better Region 8: Share your hometown!

Think about your hometown. Think about the people you grew up with, where you went to church and your favorite school teacher.  Most people are glad to share their small town memories. They take great pride in telling people where they come from.

A growing trend not only in Region 8, but across the country, is people leaving small towns and moving to the city.  Small towns are getting smaller, and our larger cities are getting larger.

For many though, that hometown pride is still strong.  There are many people who believe life in Region 8 small towns is what America is made of…and they're taking action to revive them.

Coming up next Tuesday night on Region 8 News at 10, Weiner native Mallory Jordan, is taking a look at this trend…the reasons why many are leaving our small towns, and the profound, heartbreaking impact on those who stay.

We invite you to share your small town pride, or even your heartbreak. If you have pictures of your hometown, share them with us! They can be current… they can show us the past in its heyday, or they can show us what's being done to keep the pride alive.

Together, we can share the nostalgia, plus the way things are now, and the reasons why we should always be proud of our hometown.

Send your pictures to abetterregion8@kait.com, or share them with us on the Region 8 News Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Taking pride in our hometowns, and finding ways to bring people home will make this A Better Region 8.

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