Arkansas teachers learn how to integrate quail into the classroom

Arkansas teachers learn how to integrate quail into the classroom

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Teachers from all over the state traveled to Arkansas State University Saturday to learn about the importance of quail and how to integrate it into their classrooms.

The training began Saturday afternoon and will continue again in June.

The ASU Delta STEM Education Center received this grant project to teach teachers how to use quail as a way to teach subjects ranging from math to art.

Dr. Michael Dougan, an Emeritus professor of history from ASU, says quail is slowly disappearing from Arkansas due to predators and a loss of habitat.

He said by taking this first step of informing the teachers, younger students can use this information in the future to possibly help the quail population.

One member of the class, Dustin Headstrean, explained how he would use what he learned today in a classroom setting.

"The Common Core has really been talking about mixed methods of teaching," Headstrean said. "Quail could be used as a way to talk to them about math and science and the incubation and things like that and how to integrate that into the classroom."

Headstrean is still a student at ASU but is working towards becoming an agriculture teacher.

He works with other fowl and said quail are not too different from the animals he works with now.

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