Westside fundraiser hopes to help victim of ATV accident

Westside fundraiser hopes to help victim of ATV accident

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A fundraiser was held Saturday at the Westside schools for one of their former students, who received serious injuries in an ATV accident.

Corey Pope had an accident involving an ATV in April and sustained injuries to various parts of his body.

He was taken to a hospital for treatment and is still there.

People from the community gathered to raise money for Pope's medical expenses.

Mallorie McCollum coordinated the event after she heard what happened to Pope. She said she has done events like this one before with great results.

"I just know that he is such a hard worker, he works all the time," McCollum said. "So I knew with him doing this he was going to be out of work a whole lot. He needed money for his expenses and everything else. I've done this for one other girl and it was successful with that so I thought I would do it again."

Pope's sister, Alyssa Pope, said she is amazed at the amount of support the community has shown for her brother.

A Go Fund Me account was made for Corey and raised about $1,600. Alyssa said she and her brother are very thankful for the support shown.

"The whole town has really took off and prayed for Corey," Alyssa said. "We had a prayer vigil at the Bono Church of Christ and over 60 people showed up and prayed for him and that next day is when his kidney started working again. Amazing things happen with prayer. He is just so happy that everyone has come together for him."

She said her brother is up and talking, but he still has a ways to go before he is back on his feet.

The total amount raised for Corey through fundraisers was $3,438.

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