Valley View Schools to outsource food services

Valley View Schools to outsource food services

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 school district is looking outside the district for food services.

Valley View School District decided at May's board meeting to outsource their food services department to Aramark.

Aramark is already in place at Jonesboro Public Schools, and Valley View School District Superintendent Bryan Russell said the company has worked well there.

Russell said the district has been looking at outsourcing the management for some time because handling the food internally is costly.

Russell said they've been losing money every year trying to keep the kids fed and by hiring Aramark, the district will not have that problem.

Russell said he doesn't expect any of their employees to lose their jobs.

"They explained to us that they don't have a ready workforce sitting somewhere waiting to roll a bus in and unload new people," Russell said. "They need to use our staff and our workers in this area, and I think our staff will find it to be a very good fit."

Russel explained benefits of outsourcing include financial gain, but also the variety of choices students and teachers will now have at breakfast and lunch.

He hopes the change will encourage more students and staff to eat at the school.

Aramark is set to meet with all of Valley View's food service employees Tuesday to discuss benefit packages and employment.

Aramark will take over the food services department in August.

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