Another Region 8 armory could close due to budget cuts

Another Region 8 armory could close due to budget cuts

RECTOR, AR (KAIT) - Due to cuts in the military budget, National Guard armories could close around the state, and a few of them are in Region 8.

Rector is one of the more recent cities to learn their armory may close. This isn't the first time the Rector armory was threatened to be closed, and Mayor Teresa Roofe hopes once again the National Guard will choose to keep it open.

Roofe met with the National Guard Representatives last week, and they discussed the possibility of it closing.

Roofe said while being the only armory in Clay County, it also houses 2 full-time employees.

Being a small community, Roofe said she hates to see another building sit empty.

She said losing even a small amount of revenue makes an impact.

"I think they meet once a month to have drill, and that brings more income into Rector," Roofe said. "They buy gas, they buy food, they shop. They, you know, that kind of stuff."

Roofe said they've reached out to their state representatives to let them know they don't want to see it close.

The National Guard is looking to close the armory in Walnut Ridge and Rector and relocate the Guardsmen to the Newport armory.

Roofe said while it's not official yet, they are supposed to know the status of the armory by the end of May.

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