Jonesboro city council approves recycling program contract with Abilities Unlimited

Jonesboro city council approves recycling program contract with Abilities Unlimited

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A contract with the city of Jonesboro could help Abilities Unlimited increase their workload, staff and production.

The contract was considered Tuesday night by the city council. They approved it on a consent agenda.

Abilities Unlimited already sorts and sells recyclables from Jonesboro but if the contract is approved, they'll also start collecting blue bags.

Chief Operations Officer Darren May said the city was limited to picking up recyclables at multi-family housing, like apartment complexes. However, May said Abilities Unlimited will be able to expand the recycling program into multi-family housing it will produce multiple benefits.

"At our processing facility for the recyclables, we have capacity that we're not using," May said. "So if we can add that volume of recyclables to our existing project, then that'll allow us to employ even more people with disabilities and also we're hoping to expand it to maybe even veterans."

May estimated three people would be hired to collect blue bags and the increased volume of recyclables at the facility might equal as many as ten new jobs.

May said now, they're encouraging people to recycle more items.

According to the contract with the city of Jonesboro, items to be collected for recycling are:

a. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone books

b. Cereal boxes, office paper, junk mail, cardboard boxes, brown paper bags

c. Clear, brown and green glass

d. Aluminum and tin cans

e. Plastics

f. Aseptic Packaging and gable top containers

The contract states the city will pay Abilities Unlimited $4,900 per month for their services. The contract will last three years.

A new contract can be considered after that.

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