A Better Region 8 : Downtown Jonesboro

A Better Region 8 : Downtown Jonesboro

What's up with Downtown Jonesboro? It's a question many are asking.

Recently, we did a story about many businesses in downtown, especially restaurants changing locations or closing leaving almost an entire block empty. That means less people going downtown, less revenue for the city, and a heartbreaking consequence.

Downtown Jonesboro has seen tough times in the past, and over the last several years has made a comeback. But, with this trend, I'm afraid all that progress could be erased.

Downtown gives the city an American feel, has the makings of a real business district, and its success is vital to Region 8. So why all the real estate signs where businesses once were?

That's a story we're tackling Thursday night on Region 8 News at 10. We're talking to the owners of the businesses who've left and to some who have decided to open up downtown.

I'm proud to live here in Region 8, I'm proud to live in Jonesboro, and I love to show downtown to the my friends, family and out-of-town business associates when they come to visit. It just seems like there's less and less to show and that needs to change.

Tell us what you think. Email us at abetterregion8@kait8.com. Getting to the bottom of what's going on in downtown Jonesboro and supporting our local businesses makes this, A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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