Jonesboro Police working to keep sex offenders honest

Jonesboro Police working to keep sex offenders honest
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to Jonesboro Police, in 2015, 7 registered sex offenders living in Jonesboro failed to meet legal standards.

That's compared to 29 failing to report accurate information in 2013 and 2014.

Sex offenders are required to report certain information, including address, phone number, and vehicle identification to police.

Depending on the classification, some are required to report the information every 6 months and more severe offenders are required every 3 months.

Paul Holmes, JPD Public Information Specialist, said they don't consider the statistics to be a significant amount of people failing to report accurate information, but anyone not in compliance is a concern to their department.

Thanks to a recent hire, Tony Williams, JPD has someone in charge of the sex offender registry in Jonesboro.

They've recently been going out to check in on registered sex offenders and make sure their information is correct and they are in compliance with the law.

Holmes said unfortunately, no matter the number, there will probably never be a time sex offenders aren't in the area.

"Persons classified as sex offenders living in communities, so we want to make sure we comply with the law in terms of having them registered where appropriate and providing the community with notification that is required on the law," Holmes said.

Holmes said the ACIC website is a good source for the public to find out where these predators are in their community.

Holmes said the department takes sex offenders very seriously and will continue to track them no matter what.

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