Sudden resignations from Piggott board concern community

Sudden resignations from Piggott board concern community

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - The sudden resignations right before a huge city-wide event have a community concerned about the future of its Parks and Recreation Services.

The fishing rodeo is set for this weekend at Heritage Park in Piggott, and now the Parks and Recreation Service in Piggott is understaffed.

Heritage Park is just one of the many areas the Piggott Parks and Recreation takes care of, but now, down 1 board director and 3 other commission members, those left don't want the public to worry.

Brett McMillon is a 9 year member of the Parks and Recreation Board.

He said those who resigned from the board did it very suddenly, and it happened earlier this week.

The board only has 2 members left, McMillon and Billy Joe Seal.

McMillon said he understands why the other board members left, and he sympathizes with them, but he and Seal felt the only way to make things better for the community was to stay on the board.

McMillon wants the community to know they will continue with the fishing rodeo this weekend.

"Make sure the citizens of Piggott see no interruption in services," McMillon said. "The parks employees need to keep on, make sure their salaries are paid, and the jobs are done."

Former board member, Randy Mikel, resigned from the Parks and Rec Board this week and said the resignations are related to the current leadership the city of Piggott is under.

The mayor of Piggott was not available to comment.

Piggott's Parks and Recreation Board is on the agenda for Tuesday night's city council meeting, and it's at that meeting they plan to discuss the empty board seats and where to go from here.

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