Farmers struggle in heavy rainfall

Farmers struggle in heavy rainfall

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - This Spring has brought farmers many challenges in the way of rainfall.

Over the past month farmers were able to catch a break in the rain to plant their crops, but some feel like they should have waited.

Many farmers experienced heavy rain right after planting their crops in Region 8, which led to heavy damage. Some farmers have had to start over.

Will Nicholson is one of those farmers in Cross County and he lost his soybean crop. Nicholson met with an insurance agent over his crop Thursday so he could get moving on planting a new crop.

"Our insurance man come by, we're getting stuff set and ready to go," Nicholson said.  "That way when it does dry up, we'll figure out what we have and we can go ahead and start replanting our beans this year."

The issue of drying up is still an issue through with how much rain we've had and with more rain in the forecast, it could keep Nicholson from getting his crops restarted until later on.

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