Ticks to increase as Region 8 enters the summer months

Ticks to increase as Region 8 enters the summer months

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - For those in Region 8 who love to be outdoors, be warned: This will be a bad year for ticks.

Lake Frierson State Park Superintendent Justin Huss says expect to see more ticks this year. He encourages you to stay safe from the menacing bugs.

According to Huss, there are five diseases ticks can carry in Arkansas that could be harmful to you.

You can find ticks in areas where deer, raccoon and other mammals can be found. Huss said those are the kind of animals ticks move around on.

To avoid the ticks, Huss said to try to stay in the middle of a hiking trail and avoid going through any area with heavy brush.

"Anywhere you have underbrush, like we do here at Frierson, the ticks will actually hang out on the tips of those leaves as you're walking through and jump on you," Huss said.

He also said it's important to wear light clothing while outside. It helps you find the ticks easier.

Huss has one last reminder: Always check for ticks after you've been in the woods or a field.

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