New overpass concerns some who live and work in area

New overpass concerns some who live and work in area

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A much needed overpass is in the works in Jonesboro, but not everyone is happy about it.

The City of Jonesboro announced Monday the plan for an overpass at the intersection of Nettleton and Highland now has the green light.

But while many recognize the need for it, there are some who work and live in the area that have major concerns.

Michelle Mathena manages the Jordan's Kwik Shop located right next to the railroad tracks.

She said trains pass about every 20 minutes.

Mathena admits an overpass is needed for the sake of emergency vehicles and traffic because trains get stopped on the tracks often.

However, she said they've been told nothing about the plans for the overpass.

"I'm worried about where my business stands as far as are we going to be able to maintain our position," she said. "Are they going to put us under the overpass? Where are we going?"

Her concern also rises for her customers because the business has very loyal customers.

Mr. Gibbs has lived near the intersection for many years.

He told Region 8 News that he's met with city officials and the highway department in the past to discuss the need for an overpass.

He said the city will more than likely have to buy land to build the overpass, and he's worried what will happen if his home is on that land.

Gibbs and Mathena said it's frustrating because of the lack of information.

They feel they have been left in the dark when it comes to something that could majorly impact their lives.

Mayor Harold Perrin said the city should have a design and cost proposal for the project within the next 13 months.

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