What Ever Happened to....?

February 7, 2005 -- Posted 5:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- News is always happening in Region 8, and throughout the month of February we're digging deep in our archives to find out exactly whatever happened to those important stories we first told you about on K8 News.

Our first question comes from P. Nelson of Jonesboro:

"Whatever happened to the lake that was supposed to be built in bono? Did all the plans just dry up?"

We have learned that the plans haven't completely dried up, but they're not running smoothly either. We first told you about this proposed lake in April of 2000. The lake will not only provide flood relief for the area, but also fishing and recreation. Craighead County Judge Dale Haas tells K8 News that the land has already been purchased by the Arkansas Game and Fish, but the only hold-up is in Congress. Haas says Senator Lincoln continues to introduce this multi-million dollar funding bill, but it never makes it out of the appropriations committee.

Our next question comes from J. Johnson of Jonesboro:

"Whatever happened with the situation with the meth lab and the people involved that was found up on Main Street?"

There are a few updates to this story, which we first told you about in July of 2004. Back then, 44 year old Melody Johnson was charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Johnson is scheduled to appear in circuit court Tuesday of this week. She could face a jury trial later this month.

As for merchants on Main Street, some say they're happy these buildings have since been taken over by other owners.

"We're getting people in here that really want to be downtown and part of the economic growth of the downtown," said restaurant owner Sara Trimarchi.

Our final question comes from H. West of Jonesboro:

"Whatever happened to Steve Clark, Arkansas' former Attorney General?"

K8 News has learned that Clark is practicing law in Austin, Texas and is also an adjunct law professor. In 1990, Clark was considered a front-runner in the Arkansas Governor's race, while serving as attorney general. His career ended after being convicted of felony theft for having spent thousands of tax dollars on travel and meals. 10 years later, Clark apologized to Arkansans as part of a 12-step alcoholism program. Last year, Governor Huckabee granted him a final pardon.