Jonesboro Radio Group scales back Soldier Salute due to ISIS threats

Jonesboro Radio Group scales back Soldier Salute due to ISIS threats

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Radio Group decided to scale back their soldier salute in order to keep military members and their families safe in Region 8.

The decision comes after increased threats against members of our military by ISIS.

"It's been hard because it's such a great thing and I love our military and support them and it's just a shame that we can't put their pictures up anymore," JRG Operations Manager and On-Air Personality Christie Matthews said.

Though the radio station will still salute soldiers from the Northeast Arkansas area, the identifying information will no longer be included.

For years, 104.9 The Fox has honored military members from our corner of the state. The posts have garnered appreciation and messages of support from hundreds of people.

But with increased threats from ISIS militants, concerns for the welfare of military members and their families has forced the Jonesboro Radio Group to change their method of operation...

"Years ago, you would have never thought that you'd go to facebook and find someone to target but this is the world we live in," Matthews said.

Matthews said it all boils down to safety.

"It's caused a little bit of a tiff because a lot of folks are like, well, this is America! and we should be able to do that but I would never want to put our military families at risk over a photo on Facebook," Matthews told Region 8 News.

Recently, the director of the FBI said that the biggest, most urgent threat to the U.S. is the ever growing presence of ISIS.

"Especially coming at us through social media trying to motivate troubled people in the United States to engage in acts of violence," James Comey said.

Comey said the threat the United States faces has morphed into a "chaotic spider web of social media".

"They are preaching this, pushing this poison through Twitter and other vehicles, trying to motivate people then moving them to encrypted platforms to communicate with them to try and give them instruction," Comey said.

"It's a scary place now, I hate that but I want to do what's right and that's what's right at this time," Matthews said.

Matthews said they will still do the soldier salute. However, the soldier's photo and hometown will not be listed.

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