A 23-year-old Murder Mystery Reopened

February 7, 2005--Posted at 6:30 p.m.

ROSENBERG-- Rosenberg, Texas Police are renewing their focus on an unsolved murder of a Region 8 native found shot to death 23 years ago.

31-year-old Penny Swallers of Victoria, Arkansas, was found dead in May of 1982.

Her body was pulled from the Brazos River just 40 miles outside of Houston.

Police never made any arrests, but now say they hope to interview two suspects.

They hope DNA testing, which was not available at the time of the crime, will help them catch the killer.

Police say that this is just one of those cases that they haven't been able to distance themselves from.

Unsolved now for more than 22 years, Rosenberg police say this is one case that has haunted them primarily because Swallers daughter, Sunshine, was just so young at the time--just days shy of her sixth birthday.

"At my birthday party, you know, no one really knew what to say," Sunshine Swallers says.

Sunshine Swallers is now grown, and with each passing year, her hope that her mother's killer will be found has dwindled.

Police say they hope time will help them locate tips they couldn't find previously.

For Sunshine Swallers, that would be the answer to her long repeated prayers.

"It's time. There's somebody out there who has got to be ready to talk," Sunshine says.