Numerous Animals In Desperate Need Of Good Homes

February 07, 2005 -- Posted at 10:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- More than sixty dogs and cats have been rescued from the Martin Creek Kennel, owned by dog dealer, C.C. Baird.

"USDA actually has possession of the animals.  NAFA was named one of the organizations  to take the animals, and several organizations are going to take from us,"said president of NAFA, Wannda Turner.

Turner, and 17 other members of the Northeast Arkansans For Animals,  went to the kennel on Saturday to rescue some of the animals, and even bring some back for medical attention.

"Most of the animals, like I say, are pretty healthy.  With some help, they will be very social,"said Turner.

Right now, the animals are either in other rescues, at the vet, or in foster homes.

Turner says the next step is to find these pets permanent, and loving homes.

"They are mostly beagles, hounds, mostly small dogs, but not anything like poodles and those kinds of dogs. Someone is going to have to have a fence, and be willing to have a high energy dog,"said Turner.

Judy Casteel says there is a huge need for more organizations like NAFA.

"There are way too many animals that are abandoned and are abused.  I think that just as human beings, we have an obligation to take care of them,"said Casteel.

It will be at least a week before any of the animals from Martin Creek Kennel will be up for adoption.

Turner says most of these dogs were given to the owner of the kennel, or were bought, but there is concern some of the animals have been stolen.