Sheriff's office investigates theft of veteran's grave marker

Sheriff's office investigates theft of veteran's grave marker

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - After a weekend honoring our nations veterans, families visited cemeteries to find grave markers missing.

Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas said they've only received one official report of a grave marker theft.

It's missing from the Sand Hill Cemetery on Highway 17 south of Newport in Jackson County.

Lucas said stealing a veteran's grave marker is about as low as it gets.

He said they've heard of multiple grave markers being stolen from several cemeteries, but the only report that's been filed was from Sand Hill.

Lucas said most of the markers are bronze, leading the sheriff's department to believe they may be being sold for scrap.

Lucas said all of the ones taken have been removed from military veteran's graves.

Lucas said it hits even closer to home being right after the Memorial Day holiday.

"Replacement costs for them are about 360 some odd dollars, but you know that's nothing compared to the actual impact it has on the family," Lucas said.

Sheriffs deputies were at the Sand Hill Cemetery investigating Tuesday.

Lucas asks if anyone else has seen a grave marker stolen to please contact his office and report it.

Lucas said the more cases they are able to investigate, the more information they have, and the more likely they will be able to find the person responsible.

Lucas said the investigation is very preliminary.

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