Heavy rain causes flooding in Brookland

Heavy rain causes flooding in Brookland

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - The pouring rain that passed through Region 8 Wednesday morning caused some problems to pop up in a flash.

The city of Brookland saw some major water build up on some of their roads and near businesses and homes.

Vicki Meilkey of Brookland was headed home and found something shocking waiting on her when she got there.

"I couldn't pull in because the water was so deep and I could see it even at my carport, getting in toward my house," Meilkey said. "So, then I just kind of backed out and went to the water company."

The water company showed up with sand bags to try and protect Meilkey's home.

Brookland Mayor Kenneth Jones said they discovered the rain water had pushed debris into a number of the culverts, stopping them up.

Once the culverts were cleared, the water began to recede quickly.

By afternoon, the roads were clear again.

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