Retired firefighter starts up search and rescue group for Northeast Arkansas

Retired firefighter starts up search and rescue group for Northeast Arkansas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A retired Jonesboro firefighter wants to continue helping people and is doing so by starting up a search and rescue group for northeast Arkansas.

Since January, Danny Hathcoat has been getting plans and people in place for the Arkansas Calvary Search and Rescue group.

"When somebody hears that we're coming, they can actually say the calvary is coming," Hathcoat told Region 8 News.

Hathcoat said the group will assist in multiple kinds of searches and they'll be trained on the specific type of person they're looking for.

"We're gonna train heavily on dementia, Alzheimer's, autistic children and even just a hunter that's lost out in the woods deer hunting," Hathcoat said. "We need to be trained on looking at topographical maps, where all the lakes and the rivers and the creeks and all that stuff is at."

Hathcoat said the need for a search and rescue in our area is great.

"There's right at 730,000 children missing in the United States right now and over a million people missing in the United States right now," Hathcoat said. "There's 404 right here in Arkansas. We know we can't find them all but we're going to try."

Now, with a Board of Directors and officers in place, Hathcoat is asking the public to help out. Not only is the non-profit organization looking for donations to help with training, they're also looking for volunteers.

Hathcoat said because the organization will consist of three different divisions, people can help out in different ways.

"One of them is going to be horseback, of course, you can see the terrain here, if somebody was lost here, we'd be out there on horses," Hathcoat said. "We have an ATV division and we've got a walking division."

Hathcoat said volunteers must have their own horse or ATV and a way to transport it.

If you're interested in getting involved, you can contact Hathcoat by phone at (870) 316-1742. You can also email him at

If you'd like to donate to the cause, you can do that at any Simmons Bank location in the area.

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