Police Nab Pharmacist on Meth Charges

February 8, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CST

Newport, AR--They had just moved into the neighborhood but they could not escape the rumors.  Neighbors on noticed traffic picked up around the home at 2301 Normandy Drive.  It didn’t matter what time of night it was according to neighbors, there was always traffic in and out of the home.  Then early this week the police stormed the house.

“We found field tested Meth and what we believe to be a complete Meth lab.” Newport Drug Task Force Director Derrick Person said.  “We also found a firearm and marijuana.”

Police arrested Marcus and Angela Hendrix for possession and manufacturing of an illegal substance.  The state also took possession of a minor living in the home.

The case is no different than other Meth busts except that the woman involved, Angela Hendrix, is a pharmacist at the Newport USA Drug.  USA Drug was contacted by declined to comment on the situation.