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Marmaduke, AR--Tiffany Blankenship Reports

K8 News Receives Documents Confirming Education Department's Investigation of Marmaduke School

February 8, 2005--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST, updated at 8:39 a.m. on 2/9/05

MARMADUKE-- K8 News has received documentation as a part of freedom of information request of the correspondence between the Arkansas Department of Education and former Marmaduke Schools superintendent Jerry McIntosh.

    In November, a complaint received by the State Department of Education was sent to McIntosh, and his response to those allegations are sending shockwaves through Marmaduke.

    "I've heard a lot, but I was shocked when I heard it. You know, I couldn't believe it with Marmaduke being so little, everybody is talking about it," former Marmaduke student Kimberly Akes says.

    Correspondence between the Arkansas Department of Education and McIntosh reveal McIntosh's alleged "wrongdoing and poor judgement" involving matters in the Marmaduke school system.

    "I feel that's probably how come he retired early, you know, before all the stuff hit the fan," Akes says.

    A letter addressed to the A.D.E written by McIntosh in response to private complaint says, "Some of these could appear to be unethical while not unlawful, and some could be an error of judgment on my part while trying to do what was best for our students and school."

    "Tax investigation and fraud and all this. I'm like lordy. You never think with a town so small that something like this could happen," Akes says.

    Marmaduke grad Rebecca Ellis says, "He's important to this community. He has held this community together and he has held that school together."

    The letters were exchanged in November, the same month of McIntosh's retirement.

    "It's lies and he's a good man. I've never had any reason to believe otherwise and I don't know of anybody in this town that has," Ellis says.

    McIntosh concludes his statement with an apology to the department. He writes, "All items of poor judgment have been rectified or will be by the end of the semester. I have truly tried to be candid and honest in each aspect of the complaint and I am truly sorry for any problems I may have caused."

   Meanwhile, a public hearing for suspended Marmaduke Elementary principal Jim Bob Lentz is set for February 17.



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