Jonesboro Native Wins Big on Wheel of Fortune

February 8, 2005--Posted at 10:35 p.m. CST

JONSEBORO, AR--A California couple with Region 8 ties took home the big money on Tuesday's Wheel of Fortune episode. Kevin Rook grew up in Jonesboro, so his family and friends gathered to watch him and his wife, Whitney, try to solve the puzzles. They started off the show with a win on the very first puzzle and their family and friends who gathered here in Jonesboro to watch couldn't have been happier. "We were shocked, but not surprised," said Paul Stallings, Kevin's cousin. "We knew Kevin and Whitney were up to something in Hollywood, so it doesn't surprise us at all."

The couple lives in North Hollywood and he and his wife taped "The Wheel" about three weeks ago. "He was always the type of guy that you could call on to do anything for you," said his childhood friend Eric Cooper. They might want to call Kevin for a loan, he and Whitney were the big winners, taking home $25,666.00 in cash in prizes, including a Saturn ION.

About the big win, his dad, Rick said, "I'm just proud for him. He's always been outgoing. I'm really proud for him."