New Budget Could Cut Local Program

February 9, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CST

Blytheville, AR--One local program could get the budget ax if the Bush administration has there way.  The Trio program has served theBlytheville area for more than fifteen years.  The program aims to help kids go to college through educating them about the application process.  They also teach kids about financial aid, room and board, and what they can generally expect through there college years.


The program is one of one hundred and fifty on the cutting block.  Nearly one third or fifty of the programs up for deep cuts focus on education.


In Mississippi County, only seven percent of the residents hold bachelor’s degrees.  The children served by trio would usually be first generation college students.  Many of these kids have no idea what it takes to get into a college and how the general process works.


Trio helps out by giving the kids hands on experience.  They travel to local colleges and see what college life is like.  The program begins with children in sixth grade.


"Losing this course would be tragic." Director Niki Johns says, "Economically, socially, and culturally we have made a difference."