Mississippi County Recovers From Earthquake

February 10, 2005 -- Posted at 10:00 p.m. CST

Blytheville, AR -- Mississippi and Pulaski Counties are pilot counties working with the government to draft pre-disaster mitigation plans.

Plans have been in the works since November of 2003.

When they are complete, they will be used as model plans for other counties around the state.

David Lendennie is the Emergency Services Coordinator for Mississippi County.

"FEMA has changed their approach from what they have done in the past. In addressing disasters now, they want to be proactive more than reactive,"said Lendennie.

This plan uses some of the mitigation money to lessen the impact of natural disasters on the people, and infrastructure.

"We're in the bulls eye area for the most severe damage that could occur should we have another devastating earthquake like in 1811, or 1812,"said Lendennie.

Life is normal again for the folks in Mississippi County--but not before a shaky start to Thursday morning-- it was a quick reminder from Mother Nature, as the ground beneath them shook for several seconds.

"There's a large amount of apathy and complacency when it comes to dealing with earthquakes,"said Lendennie.

Officials are working on public education campaigns to teach people how to prepare for disasters, like earthquakes, whether you are at home, school,or the office.

"These small earthquakes, like what we have today, serve as excellent reminders for our people to get their disaster kit ready, should we be struck by a larger earthquake in the future,"said Lendennie.