Threats Cause for Concern in Highland School District

FEBRUARY 11, 2005 - Posted at 4:40 p.m. CST

HIGHLAND, AR - A deadly threat has called authorities to patrol a Region 8 high school, and some parents want answers.

Authorities in Sharp County told K8 News on Friday that they were called to investigate a shooting threat at Highland High School. The event prompted parents to pull their children out of class early.  Authorities say they believe the threats stem from fights and disagreements that occured off-campus.

"My boy was telling me that they were frisking kids in the hallways," said Greg Wavley, the parent of an HHS student.  It was reason enough for Wavley to pull his son out of class early.  "We both decided to pick my son up because of the safety factor and I picked my neighbor up, too."

Authorities are keeping their investigation under wraps for now, saying only that fights outside of school may have triggered rumors that a shooting would happen in the school.  Investigators are focusing their attention on two boys, one student and one non-student.  The student was not present at school today.

Highland Superintendent Ronnie Brogdon declined to speak on camera about the situation, but he did tell us that things are under control and stressed that the school is safe.

"I think if they have a risk like that or a threat like that, and they have to have police in front, they should send all the kids home just in case something does happen," said Wavley.  However, classes were held, and Brogdon denied that today's absentee rate was higher than normal.

Authorities told K8 News that charges of terroristic threatening could be filed as a result of their investigation.