School Administrator's Racial Remarks Raise Eyebrows

February 12, 2004--Posted at 3:18 p.m. CST

Ravenden Springs, AR - Eyebrows are being raised and petitions are going around in support of disciplinary action against a Twin Rivers School District administrator.

Controversial statements were made by Don Baker, who is an assistant superintendent. Baker was at an informal meeting with some Twin Rivers school board members and parents. A patron asked Baker if he would work for the students at Williford and Oak Ridge Central equally if he were to be named superintendent. Baker compared the situation to race. He said he would work for black students as hard as whites.

"I just don't want them marrying my daughter," he said.

When KAIT asked Baker if he felt that his remarks were appropriate, he went on to talk about how he doesn't believe in interracial marriage.

"I just have an old fashioned view of marriage," said Baker. "Whether it's wrong or right, that's what I believe."

Citizens of the area are putting out a petitions asking for disciplinary action to be taken against Baker for making his comments in public.