Senator Holds Town Meeting

February 12, 2004 -- Posted at 4:00 p.m. CST

Imboden, AR - Getting in touch with a state representative to voice your concerns can be difficult. This is especially true during regular sessions. But that's not the case if you live in          District 11.

If the Arkansas legislative session is in, Senator Tim Wooldridge gets an ear full every weekend.

"On the weekends I like to get out and see people who are in the trenches making a living,  raising families and paying mortgages to see what they think," said Wooldridge.

The senator made a stop in Imboden Saturday morning to talk with voters in his district. Wooldridge has been having town meetings in his district for 14 years. The people seem to appreciate the fact that he comes to listen to them.

"Tim Wooldridge does a great job going around to all of his counties and he listens to what people have to say," said Viola Meadows, who came to voice her concerns.

Sen. Wooldridge says his colleagues in Little Rock ask him what people in his district think about hot issues. The Imboden crowd expressed concerns over education and the state budget.

Senator Woolridge says he's planning on introducing new legislation that will help fight Arkansas growing meth problem. He also added that he doesn't want to raise taxes.