Stores Seeing Green this Valentines Holiday

February 12, 2005--Posted 6:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--Retailers say men are getting out early this year in order to shop for Valentines Day.  Usually they say men wait until the last second to shop but say the importance of Valentines Day has changed over the past few years.  While not quite a major holiday on par with Christmas and Thanksgiving, Valentines Day is quickly becoming just as important as Mother’s Day for men in relationships.


One retailer told us this year much has changed.  Saying men are not just shopping earlier this year but also taking out more time on average.  She says men seem to especially be more patient in picking out the perfect card for their loved one.


This year the same items seem to top everyone’s list but there is some variety.  Jewelry is back on top of the list, but retailers say jewelry with plastic or shiny designs are extremely popular this year.  Flowers are hot once again but not always red, men deciding to buy off colors or even mix in lighter colors with their red roses.


And finally the only big mistake is not getting anything.  Most women saying it isn’t as much the gift as the thought that matters.  But who knows if they keep that tune after the holiday has past.