New ambulance service coming to Lake City

New ambulance service coming to Lake City

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 city is getting a new ambulance service and it may make a big difference when it comes to 911 calls.

Medic One Ambulance service will soon share some space with the Lake City Fire Department.

Mayor Jon Milligan said this has been in the works for several years, and it's finally time to make it happen.

He said they discussed the possibility with city council and everyone was on board.

Medic One plans to take over part of the Lake City Fire Department building.

Milligan says the ambulance service plans to update some of the building to meet their needs, but fortunately there is already a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, so Medic One doesn't have to start from scratch.

Lake City hasn't had an ambulance service in town for quite a while.

In an emergency, those in Lake City have to wait for an ambulance to come from Jonesboro, which isn't always fast.

"You know, I know Jonesboro is working really hard on that overpass on the railroad tracks, and I know they can go down the bypass also, but if it's here you're going to shave 12,14, 15 minutes off of a run time," Milligan said.

Milligan said the Medic One in Lake City may also be able to better serve cities such as Black Oak or Monette.

This Medic One base will work off of a 6 truck rotation, so he wants to inform residents they may not always see a car sitting at the Lake City location.

Because Medic One will take over part of the building, the Lake City Fire Department plans to build a new meeting and training room behind its current building.

Milligan said it's all worked out perfectly because the volunteer fire department has grown tremendously and needs the extra space also.

Medic One plans to be up and running in Lake City by August 15.

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