Bono Police Department, CCSO investigate car break-ins

Bono Police Department, CCSO investigate car break-ins
Region 8 law enforcement officers are warning residents to lock their car doors before heading inside.
There have been at least seven victims of car break-ins in less than 48 hours in one Region 8 town.
"People were waking and going out and finding that their cars had been gone through," Bono Police Chief Michael Parrish told Region 8 News.
The thieves are taking advantage of easy targets. Parrish said not only are the victims leaving their car doors unlocked, some are also leaving valuables inside their vehicles.
A majority of the break-in reports came from county roads north of Bono, specifically on and around County Road 380.
Chief Parrish told Region 8 News that they started getting calls related to the break-ins as early as 6 o'clock Tuesday morning.
Since then, his department and the Craighead County Sheriff's Department have received numerous calls.
Right now, Bono police are investigating two cases. The sheriff's department is investigating five.
According to police reports, everything from petty cash to tools to social security cards have been stolen.
Chief Parrish said there are simple ways to avoid being an easy target.
"Take anything that's valuable, purses, anything that looks valuable to certain people, purses, they don't know what's in it but they want to see what's in it," he said. "Take that stuff in your house and secure your car."
In some of the cases, nothing was reported missing. Victims told police it appeared their cars were rummaged through. Almost every report explicitly states the vehicle that was broken into was unlocked.
Chief Parrish said the Bono Police Department was able to recover a purse that was stolen from a car in Bono on Jill Lane.
They found the purse in a ditch nearby and nothing appeared to be missing.
Police are now working to identify and interview suspects.