Blytheville celebrates 72315 day

Blytheville celebrates 72315 day

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - July 23, 2015 is an ordinary day to most people across Region 8, but for city the date is much more significant.

Thursday's date was 7-23-15 and Blytheville's zip code is 72315.

The coincidence seemed like a great opportunity for a celebration.

Tucker Nunn, director of Main Street Blytheville. said when he found out about the date matching the zip code he knew they must do something.

"To me you put those two together and it spells party, or get together, you got to do something to have fun with it when that happens," Nunn said. "It only happens once every 100 years."

At 6 p.m. on Thursday night, Main Street Blytheville invited the entire community to come downtown and celebrate.

They had the grill fixing up free hot dogs and hamburgers.

There was live music to enjoy, as well.

Nunn said a city council member is the one who realized the stars were aligning on July 23.

"The story goes he was doing something with the date last year, and it was 72314 and he kind of looked at it and thought wow next year is 72315, and it kind of led from that," Nunn said.

Main Street Blytheville also sponsored a photo contest. Everyone was encouraged to bring historic photo's of Blytheville to the Greyhound Bus Station Thursday night.

Nunn said they picked the 3 best historic pictures of Blytheville and prizes were awarded.

While it may appear to be a silly reason to throw a party, Nunn said it's really about giving the community a positive event.

"We are trying to redevelop our downtown and kind of regain some energy it used to have, and we are well on our way to doing that," Nunn said.

Nunn said this event is just one of many events they sponsor including the Farmers Market and the monthly Last Saturday event.

Last Saturday will be held July 25 with a full schedule of events including a bicycle ride, breakfast at the bus station, movies at the Ritz and art in the garden.

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