94-year-old barber has outlived most of his customers

94-year-old barber has outlived most of his customers

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 barber has seen a lot in his lifetime, and he can't believe he's still working at age 94.

Jim Hudson owns a barber shop in Blytheville.

He said he used to laugh at people when they were still working in their 70's but now he understands.

Hudson's shop in downtown Blytheville has been in business for 42 years, but he's been a barber for more than 70 years.

Hudson said he gave his first haircut in 1938 with hand clippers. He laughed and said that's also when he lost his first customer, but he said he has gotten much better since then.

Fifteen cents is all it cost in 1938 to get a haircut from Hudson.

In 2015, though, it's still not too expensive. Hudson will still do a fine job for $12.

It all started when Hudson was just a boy.

"My dad, he ordered some barber tools from Sear Roebuck," Hudson said.

Hudson has been in Blytheville most of his life, except for the years he spent fighting for our country.

"I still like Blytheville," Hudson said. "Blytheville has been good to me."

Hudson opened the shop in 1973 in downtown Blytheville, and for 42 years his hands have worked and he said it hasn't gone without laughs and a lot of stories.

Hudson told one story of bringing out a large pair of scissors on a customer.

"He said Jim I didn't know if you were going to cut my head off, stab me or what," Hudson said.

Hudson explained he of course was just joking.

Inside his shop, chairs show the wear and tear of the number of people who have visited Hudson over the years.

"They done wore the seat out of both of them," Hudson said.

A career he built on bonding with people, and at age 94, Hudson said he misses his regulars.

"Most of my customers, I've outlived them," Hudson said.

Hudson said he likes making a little money and loves people, which is why he won't stop working, but he said he can't answer why he's lasted all these years.

"I got to put that on Jesus because I have been blessed," Hudson said.

Hudson said he isn't sure how long he will keep his barber shop open.

He described himself as a day-to-day kind of guy, but he said he wants all of his customers to know how thankful he is for their support and friendship.

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