Residents voice concern over dangerous intersections in Craighead County

Residents voice concern over dangerous intersections in Craighead County

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Craighead County has seen a lot vehicle accidents with 3 places seeing more accidents than most.

One of those areas is the Highway 18 or the Black Oak Curve. Eddie Dunigan has lived in Black Oak most of his life. He said there have been too many accidents at the intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 135.

A street light was placed in the area to give drivers some light at night but Dunigan said it is not enough. He is worried about school buses driving in that area and having to cross 2 lanes of traffic with speeds around 60 miles per hour.

Dunigan believes part of the problem is Black Oak's lack of a police force.

"There's no one there to slow them down," Dunigan said. "People are going to continue to fly in that direction. This is not the first wreck or accident we've had here. We've had several and unfortunately we are going to have a lot more unless something is done to alleviate our problem."

He believed if something wasn't changed in the area, the number of deadly accidents would begin to rise more and more.

The other 2 areas are the intersections of Highway 49 and School Street and Highway 49B and School Street both located in Brookland.

The residents there say people drive too fast and don't pay attention when they get to the stoplights.

Rhonda Hathcoat said she drives through both intersections frequently and they are not safe. She has not been in any accidents in the area but she said she got close.

"Myself even, coming through the red lights just a couple of weeks, I experienced coming across School and the light was green but a car and a semi both came through on a red light from the opposite direction," Hathcoat said. "It's happening more and more. Vehicles are not stopping."

She didn't get injured during the event because she saw both vehicles coming before she pulled out.

Other people in the area said they would like to see the speed reduced or at the very least have those areas monitored more by law enforcement.

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