Greene County Quorum Court tables animal control ordinance

Greene County Quorum Court tables animal control ordinance

An animal ordinance in Greene County has been tabled in hopes reviewing the proposed ordinance.

At its last meeting the Greene County Quorum Court reviewed an animal ordinance imposing requirements for pet animals and stray animals in the county.

The ordinance is designed to get the stray pet population under control and punish owners that allow their pets to roam freely.

The ordinance states it is being considered based on multiple experiences with animals attacking people, destroying property, and some pet animals not receiving proper treatment.

The ordinance was tabled because some Justices of the Peace felt the ordinance was too broad in its wording.

They felt living out in the county is different than inside city limits, and the ordinance needs to better reflect those ways of life.

Some were also concerned that the ordinance does not define what a pet is. A JP said he feels in today's society anything can be a pet, so it needs to be defined so they know exactly what they are trying to control.

The ordinance would give law enforcement the ability to seize animals that are "running at large" for 3 consecutive days.

The penalty for this, if convicted, would be a misdemeanor with a fine of $100 to $500 and any fees or costs associated with the animal.

The Greene County Quorum Court plans to revisit the ordinance at its next meeting on August 17. 

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