Teachers working hard to prepare for upcoming school year

Teachers working hard to prepare for upcoming school year

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - School is out for summer, but not for much longer. Most teachers are no longer enjoying the summer vacation. .

The new school year will begin in just a few weeks and teachers are already back in the classroom preparing for that first student to walk through the door.

Jodi Massey is a new fourth grade teacher at Baldwin Elementary in Paragould.

She enlisted a couple of helpers on Friday to get her room ready for the school year.

Massey said this is the first time she will be in this classroom so there is more work to be done than usual.

She said unpacking boxes, decorating and organizing hundreds of books into bins for the students is what may take the longest.

Massey said she has a 9-month-old baby so the beginning of the summer was spent at home. She started on Monday working in her classroom.

Massey said while not every teacher has to move rooms, every teacher has a lot to do before the kids arrive.

"Everything gets boxed up whether you move to a new school or not, so you're always unpacking boxes and putting things back out so that makes it a little more time consuming at the beginning of the year," Massey said.

Massey was the only teacher working in the classroom on Friday at Baldwin Elementary, but the Paragould Public School Administration Office said on Monday the building will be full of people trying to get ready for August.

The first day of school is set for August 17.

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