Walnut Ridge mayor advises more local shopping to help revenue problem

Walnut Ridge mayor advises more local shopping to help revenue problem

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - An issue in the Walnut Ridge budget was discovered earlier in July; but, Mayor Charles Snapp says he's more concerned about another city problem.

The issue was discovered after the city noticed money was accumulating slower than they anticipated. What they found after about a month of looking was an amount of money was added twice into the general fund.

Snapp said the budget is still fine even with the error and said there was another problem that he tried to address with his recent Facebook post. He explained the real problem facing Walnut Ridge is the lack of rising revenue.

The revenue amounts the city has received have remained constant over the past 5 years staying around $1.8 million to $1.9 million. Snapp explained the issue is the revenue is not rising to match the amount of expenses the city is having to pay.

He gave 2 solutions to this problem with 1 of them being more detrimental than helpful to the city.

"More people buying local or in a few years somebody's going to have to take action and either raise rates or cut services," Snapp said. "When you start cutting services then you're on the downhill slide."

Walnut Ridge currently does not have any income from property taxes. They do see some money from the city sales tax and a county millage based on population.

Snapp hopes to see more people choose to shop at home first and then, if they have to, go somewhere else.

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