Sheriff: 11-year-old girl shot on Interstate 55 in Pemiscot County

Sheriff: 11-year-old girl shot on Interstate 55 in Pemiscot County
The Pemiscot County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that happened along Interstate 55 Saturday that put a child in the hospital.
According to Sheriff Tommy Greenwell, the sheriff’s office received a call from a hospital in Blytheville around 6:30 p.m. informing them that an 11-year-old girl was in the emergency room with a gunshot wound to the neck.
Her family said the incident happened on I55, near the two mile marker in Missouri.
Deputies contacted the family at the hospital.
The family is from Kirksville, Missouri and were on vacation.
They were driving south on I55 when the driver’s door window suddenly blew out.
At first the family thought the heat had caused the window to bust, but then the young girl sitting in the backseat started to complain of pain in her neck.
It was determined she was shot with a 9mm round, according to Greenwell.
The family told deputies that they didn’t see anything and have no idea who shot at them.
Initially the sheriff said evidence gathered at the scene suggested the shot came from a north-bound vehicle on I55.
On Sunday, Greenwell stated deputies were contacted by an individual who was shooting his pistol Saturday afternoon about the same time the girl was shot.

A preliminary investigation indicates that if a bullet had missed the berm, or shooting target, it would have been in line with I55, Greenwell said . However, this has not been determined as the official cause yet.

Two pistols were surrendered to deputies for ballistic tests to be done by a crime lab.
Greenwell said the incident is believed to be a "terrible accident" and no other persons are in danger.
The girl was flown to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, where she is expected to undergo surgery Sunday.
Greenwell said the 11 year old was release from the hospital Sunday morning and the family continued on their vacation.
The sheriff has not yet stated whether or not anyone will be charged in the incident.

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