Luxora family terrorized in home invasion

Luxora family terrorized in home invasion

LUXORA, AR (KAIT) - A Luxora family lived through a nightmare early Sunday morning as 3 masked men entered their home, demanded weapons and money, and terrorized the family for 45 minutes.

The Clark family and a few friends who were staying the night were awakened with guns in their faces after the home invaders kicked in the door.

"Footprints still on the door, one kick," Christy Clark said about the damage the invaders did.

The men ended up busting the TV, tearing newly renovated walls apart and destroying the bedroom.

According to the family, they stole purses, keys, IDs and any money they could find in the house.

The men also beat the family and friends with the guns.

"He was telling me, I'm going to shoot you in the head and make you watch, terrorizing me," Clark said. "Then going back over here telling him I'm going to shot her and make you watch, with your gun. Then I'm going to go over here and shoot your kids. I mean, I couldn't do nothing but do what they asked me to do."

After nearly an hour of beating and yelling, the family said they were all crammed into the bedroom before the men met their driver outside and took off.

The Clark family is speaking out about their incident in the hopes some justice will come of it.

"All I am asking for is justice," Marcus Clark said. "I don't want that to happen to anyone else. I would hate to see another family go through what me, my wife and kids went through."

Neighbors told Region 8 News that this is the fifth home invasion in Luxora recently.

The Luxora police said they are still investigating the invasion and no arrests have been made.

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