Animal Abuse Case 'Worst Ever Seen'

Poinsett County--Authorities plan to be working into the early evening hours trying to finish cleaning up what could become the areas largest animal abuse case ever.  Nearly twenty cows have been found dead among a herd of cows just South ofHarrisburg.


"This is the worst that I have ever personally seen." Humane Society of Eastern Arkansas official Angela Ross said.


In all more than fifty cows were still alive.  Officials say malnourishment is widespread throughout the herd and many of the cows are extremely sick and “near death.”


Authorities believe Harrisburg resident Billy Joe Williams is responsible for the herds well-being.  Police say no charges have been filed but they expect that to change soon after the cows are moved.


Officials could easily see cow bones scattered across the field the cows grazed in.  Dead cows were also placed by someone near a creek running in between the field.