Apple Store scam targets Batesville cell phone users

Apple Store scam targets Batesville cell phone users

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - An Apple Store scam continues to target cell phone users in the Batesville area this week.

Hundreds of residents have complained to the Batesville Police Department about a text from the Apple Store about purchases they supposedly made.

Several officers even received the same text.

Investigator Jeff Sims said he was one of the first to get the text from Apple, which stated he made a purchase through iBooks for $89.

Sims said at first he thought one of his kids bought something, but he quickly found the text was not from Apple, but a scammer.

The link in the text redirects people to a faux Apple Store page asking for personal information, including credit and debit card numbers, to give users a refund.

Sims said if people enter their information, they will get the opposite of a refund.

Scammers will more than likely wipe their cards and bank accounts.

Sims said no one in Batesville has reported falling victim to this, but if anyone does, he asks you to immediately report it to police.

"When they do fall victim, a lot of times they're embarrassed it happened to them and don't want to report it because they feel stupid or ignorant," he said. "But it happens to millions of people daily. And the more we know about it, the more that is reported, the better something we can do to try to handle it."

Batesville police have contacted Apple, the Federal Trade Commission and the attorney general's office about this scam.

"Scammers like this just switch daily from region to region hoping to find someone who will fall victim to it," Sims said.

If you have not yet received this text, Sims said keep an eye out because it may come to you next.

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