Downtown business sees normal turnout even with fire a block away

Downtown business sees normal turnout even with fire a block away

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A downtown business was unphased Friday even with a building on fire just a block away.

Sandy McQuay, the Jonesboro Regional Manager for Abilities Unlimted Thrift Store said they still had customers going in and out all day even with part of Union closed down.

McQuay said they really didn't see any changes in business from the fire. When she arrived for work, there were still people lined up outside her door.

She belived even if parts of Union remained closed for a couple of days, it will still be business as usual for the store.

"I don't think it will hurt us that bad," McQuay said. "I think if the people can be made aware through y'all and the radio group and people will let them know that Madison is open as a detour from Union, I think a lot of people will go ahead and come on down. The traffic is pretty bad back there. I noticed a lot more cars are on Madison today but it's usually that way on Union."

Fire Chief Kevin Miller said the part of Union where the fire took place will be closed temporarily while they assess the structural integrity of the building.

McQuay said the only real difference in that part of downtown is not the amount of people in the store but how those people are getting there.

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