Abilities Unlimited hopes surveillance video IDs thieves

Abilities Unlimited hopes surveillance video IDs thieves
A Region 8 organization that aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities caught multiple people on camera stealing donations.
Thieves hit up the Abilities Unlimited Donation Drop-off site at least four times in just three days.
"I guess they think it's just open property for them to shop," Jonesboro AU Regional Manager Sandy McQuay said.
Region 8 residents often donate to the organization because every single donation creates a job for a person with a disability.
However, McQuay explained that when donations are made after hours, they sit in this parking lot until AU staff arrives and sometimes, the donations wind up in the wrong hands.
McQuay said thankfully, there's a good chance they may catch some of the crooks.
"A couple of them actually bragged on Facebook and Instagram that that was their spoils of the night, they had been over there pilfering," McQuay said. "Then we had another one that is a notorious thief of ours that we have arrested multiple times and is actually criminally banned from the property."
Surveillance video also comes in handy to catch thieves. McQuay gave Region 8 News surveillance video of someone stealing a mattress and multiple bags of donations from the donation drop-off area. If you recognize who the people in the video are, give Jonesboro police a call.

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