Black Arrow Tattoo searches for new home after Union fire

Black Arrow Tattoo searches for new home after Union fire

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Black Arrow Tattoo was left without a home when a fire broke out next door Thursday night on Union Street.

The owner of Black Arrow, Freddie Bowers, was finally let back into his businesses Saturday afternoon to assess the damage. What he found was water in the floors, parts of the roof collapsed, smoke damage and an acrid smell.

Bowers said Sunday they are going to be closed for a short amount of time while they work to find another place to do business.

He explained it was all on him to find something for his workers so they can continue to make money.

"Next we need to find a temporary home because the bills are still rolling in and most of us have families," Bowers said. "So we have to find a way to provide for them now. We also have clients because we were booked out a month to 2 months out. We don't want anyone to think we are going to take their deposit."

Bowers hoped to find a place in no more than a month. He explained they have already received offers from other shops to house them while their current home fixed.

He said it isn't that easy for them to just move in for a short amount of time. Some of the aspects they have to look at are the amount of space and possibly splitting up.

Bowers called his group of coworkers a family and didn't like the idea of splitting. He said he offered them other places to work but they decided to stick by him.

If you would like to help Bowers and Black Arrow, you can go here to Go Fund Me page to make donations.

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